Finding The Search Rank Of Your Website In Google

Knowing the Google ranking positions of your website is an important aspect of making sound SEO decisions. But doing this manually is a complete waste of time.

For years now we have been using a free software package by CleverStat called 'Free Monitor for Google'. It has always provided good reliable results and saved us hours of work by automating the process.

The only draw backs with this software are that it does not yet run on Windows 7, will only check about 100 phrases at once, and will only provide search results for Google. But if you want more there is a paid version that has alot more freatures, however we suggest using the free version to start with and upgrade if you want more.

Although we send our clients a complete ranking report each month using the professional version 'Accurate Monitor for Search Engines', we do recommend installing the free software for checking the Google ranking positions at any time.

Lets Take A Closer Look!

First things first: You will need to download and install the software, which you can do from the Cleverstat 'Free Monitor for Google' download page.

1. Setting the right options: the screen below is accessed via 'Options' -> 'Preferences'. As you can see there are three options that we have set. The first is for use within the United Kingdom, the second is Google freindly mode = safe, and the third is that we want to check the first 50 results. The only option that you may want to alter from time to time is how many results you want to check: for example if you know all your results are in the top 10 then checking past this just takes more time for the software to complete the report.

2. Entering your domain name: the screen below is accessed via the button. Please note that we have not included the 'www' in the URL.

2. Entering your key words: the screen below is accessed via the button. If you are a client of ours then we will provide you with a file of keywords so that you may import them and save time.

3. Getting your search results: just press the search button

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