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     An important part of our business is dedicated towards developing client knowledge and also training the freelancers that provide our services.

... background reading for clients and essential knowledge for freelancers.

Google Adwords

  1. Campaigns: How to setup a new campaign
  2. Ad Extensions - Intro: What are ad extensions and why are they important
  3. Ad Extensions - Sitelinks: How to create sitelinks and assign them to a campaign
  4. Ad Extensions - Locations: How to create location extensions and assign them to a campaign

Plugging PPC Broad Match Money Holes: The most common reason that pay per click (PPC) advertising does not provide a good return on investment (ROI) is the fact that your ads are being clicked for search queries that will never convert in business.

Search Engine Optimisation

Finding The Search Rank Of Your Website In Google: Although we provide regular reports to evidence the results of our work, you may still be checking Google manually. But if you are spending considerable time doing this between our reports then you may want to look at using some free software.


Creating An Image Slide Show: A simple JQuery plugin with various transition efferts.

Creating An Image Gallery Viewer: A simple JQuery plugin with various transition efferts.

HTML CSS Web Fonts: A simple list of web fonts that are displayed by all major web browsers...

Modular HTML CSS Code: The basic concept of writing reusable modules of code is nothing new, it is already widely used across nearly every programming language.

Expandable HTML CSS Code: The importance of writing expandable modules of code is commonly over looked. Since most of us have good eye sight it makes sense that graphics and text for most designs are optimised for the average visitor. But what happens when a customer with impaired vision views your website?


Creating A Secure Online Login Portal With PHP & MySQL: This requires a intermediate/advanced level of programming ability with PHP and MySQL. We will cover a basic solution and then build layers of security that will help protect against potential attacks...

Escaping HTML output with PHP: This covers essential security for outputting user created input.

Creating an Encrypted Database with MySQL: This covers essential security for encrypting your database.

Disguising Variables Passed in URL's: This covers extra security measures that are useful when passing variables in url's.

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